An upcoming, for-profit, SFW, coloringbook zine inspired by the 2D animated storytelling cutscenes from Genshin Impact.

Includes fanmade merchandise!

This zine is in creation!


Check out the information document for more!

Storyteller is a SFW Genshin Impact coloring book fanzine inspired by the storytelling cutscenes from the game.

The style of the 2D animations draw influences from the Art Nouveau style of art and design, and so the style of the zine will as well.

The zine will be roughly 80 pages including the front and back cover. The 78 interior pages will feature black and white lineart with short writing pieces that compliment the art on the opposite page.

It will be available in both PDF and physical formats. All physical orders will include a PDF download.


Contact us via email, on our CuriousCat, or check out the information document if you have more questions!

What is a zine?

A zine is a printed collection of media created around one topic. Zines can have one or more contributors and can contain anything the creators want. The type of zine we are putting together is most commonly referred to as a "Fanzine". A Fanzine is most often a collection of works celebrating one franchise or type of media, such as Genshin Impact. We do not hold full copyright to the characters, therefore it is a fanwork and not an official work.

What is this zine about?

This zine is about scenes and stories that occur within the Genshin Impact universe. They will be depicted in an Art Nouveau inspired coloring book style.

Why does this zine cost so much?

Storyteller is an A4 size (8-1/4 x 11-3/4 in, 210 x 297 mm), spiral bound zine with 80 pages. Even without colored interior pages or lamination, the cost to produce the zine is still more than a "standard" A5 size (5-7/8 x 8-1/4 in, 148 x 210 mm) perfect bound zine.

As such, in order to make sure we're making enough profit on all our bundles to compensate our 44 contributors, we cannot price a physical copy lower than $40 USD.

In addition, the merch included in the "Ballads of Mondstadt" bundle costs less then $4 USD at production price, so even if we removed those items and made a physical zine only bundle, it would not decrease the price from $40 USD.

How will contributors be compensated?

Contributors may choose to receive a physical and PDF copy of the zine as well as additional merch if shipping allows. In addition, any profits from sales will be split among the contributors and mods. Due to legal issues, contributors under the age of 18 will not be able to receive any additional monetary compensation.

Will this be for-profit or for-charity?

This zine will be for-profit!

Will all Genshin Impact characters (even side characters) be included?

Any characters released by our first check-in will be allowed! This includes any playable characters, NPC's, enemies, etc.

How many contributors are you looking for?

We are currently looking for 15-30 page artists, 3-6 writers, and 4-5 merch artists. Our numbers for page artists and writers have a wide range as we are looking at the quality of line work and prose.

Can I apply for multiple positions?

Depending on which positions, yes! A page artist is welcome to apply to also be a merch artist or writer. We will limit the number of positions to two for each contributor, so that no one is overwhelmed. Contributors are also allowed to contribute more than one work so long as the mods agree they will be able to take on the extra work, such as two interior pages or multiple writing pieces.

What are you looking for in a mod?

Since this is the first time the head mod has run a zine, she specifically is looking for mods with experience. Preferably those who have worked on at least one zine project that was completed in full (planned, created, printed, and shipped successfully). Abandoned zines will not count. Though, this isn't a requirement if the person applying has equal or relevant experience (for example: someone that runs their own online shop and does the packaging and shipping themselves would be a good fit for the Shipping Mod position)
Responsibility and ability to follow a schedule are required.

How are our applications going to be judged?

The head mod will most likely enlist the help of at least two outside artists and/or writers to help her choose between applicants (unless those she had in mind are unable to do so).

Page and cover artist applicants will be required to submit:

5-8 works, 3 of which MUST be linework only or line focused pieces. It is preferable to have at least one Genshin Impact related piece as well, but is not required. Please only send completed works of art.

Merch artist applicants will be required to submit:

5-8 works, 3 of which must be linework only or line focused pieces. It is preferable to have at least one Genshin Impact related piece as well, but is not required. Please only send completed works of art.

Writer applicants will be required to submit:

3-6 short works, preferably prose/poetry, short stories, flash fiction, or journal style entries.


  • Interest Check: 3/30/21 - 4/13/21

  • Interest Check Results: 4/16/21

  • Mod Applications: 4/24/21 - 5/8/21

  • Mod Application Responses: 5/13/21

  • Contributor Applications: 6/3/21 - 6/24/21

  • Contributor Application Responses: 7/3/21

  • Idea Check-Ins: 7/8/21 - 7/15/21

  • Idea Check-In Responses: 7/20/21

  • Creation Period Start: 7/22/21

  • First WIP Check-In/Sketching Stages: 8/12/21

  • Second WIP Check-In/Clean Sketch and Lining Stages: 9/2/21

  • Third WIP Check-In/Final Stages: 10/23/21

  • Final Check-In/Submission: 11/17/21

  • Preorders: January 19th

  • Shipping: TBD


NameRoleSocial Media
AbbyHead ModTwitter , Instagram
Jinx-ChanFinance ModTwitter
10kGeneral/Graphics ModTwitter
CymShipping ModTwitter , AO3
MeiSocial Media ModTwitter , AO3
Starrie WolfWriting ModTwitter , AO3